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Bayou Classic Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot
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Bayou Classic Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot

This is a 2.75 Gallon CAST IRON Jambalaya Pot/Deep Fryer.

- has a DOMED LID
- Flat Bottom Exterior
- Rounded Interior

This Pot has a flat bottom exterior to fit burners on your kitchen stove.

Think of all the different kinds of food that you could cook with this Pot.

- Perfect for frying seafood, chicken,
crawfish or anything else.
- Perfect for stews, roasts, red rice and
much more.

- Rugged, durable and long lasting
- Great heat distribution and retention
- Keeps food warmer longer
- Has instructions on how to season and
cure your cast iron

If properly taken care of this can be passed on to your children or grandchildren.

Call 843-762-1989 for current price and availabilty!!!