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Bayou Classic Cast Iron Fish Cooker
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Bayou Classic Cast Iron Fish Cooker

This package includes:

- High Pressure Burner
- 21" Tall Welded Steel Frame
- 14" Diameter Cooking Surface
- 8.5-Qt Cast Iron Fry Pot with Lid
- Perforated Aluminum Basket
- 29" LPG Rubber Hose
- 10 PSI Adjustable Regulator
- 360 deg. Windscreen Protection

This Cast Iron Fry Pot with Lid that comes with the cooker is:

---- Rugged, durable and long lasting
---- Great heat distribution and retention
---- Keeps food warmer longer
---- Easy to clean
---- Has instructions on how to season and
cure your cast iron

Think about all the good meals that you prepare with this cooker and cast iron pot.

- Fry seafood, chicken and much more
- Cook stews
- Cook roasts-beef, vension, pork, etc
- Jambalaya
- Gumbo

Cook it all outside and keep your kitchen clean.

Call 843-762-1989 for current price and availability.